Серверная платформа COMMEQ-FW-xExGxW

Общие характеристики

The COMMEQ-FW access portfolio is feature-rich and comprehensive, comprising multiservice routing platforms, integrated access devices and network switching units and network-processor platforms.


The COMMEQ-FW series consist of multiservice bandwidth managers and builds on the highly successful industrial-proven architecture, offering additional features such as multiple standards-based interface cards and high bandwidth capabilities, while retaining full commonality with the wide range of telecom environment.


COMMEQ-FW multiservice bandwidth managers supports a wide range of circuit- and packet-based data services. It is fully compatible with a wide range of international standards-based telecom applications, providing seamless integration into existing networks and protecting equipment investment.


COMMEQ-FW enables service providers to deploy a standards-based solution, which leverages their installed base of hardware equipment to provide lower cost private line and leased line services and to support migration to the new NGN IP based networks.


The reliability of the COMMEQ-FW is guaranteed by many features, including redundancy of the power supplies, synchronization (on multishelf), control and interfaces. The COMMEQ-FW has a field-proven availability in excess of 99.99 percent.


Technical Summary


> Fully software configurable

> Local or remote management

> End-to-end path management and

configuration via the SNMP and SSH based NMS

> Wide variety of aggregate and drop side interfaces

> Full range of automatic and user directed diagnostics

> embedded Intel x86 based processing unit with persistent flash storage and Linux 2.6 based user environment


Network and

Service Management

> Full end-to-end path management and provisioning

> Local or remote management interface through SNMP and SSH

> Centralized alarm management with audible and visual alarm notification

> Centralized software administration

> Automatic discovery of equipment additions, deletions and changes

> Extensive performance data for SLAs and billing



> Internal softswitch-based architecture

> Fully software-driven packet processing providing user services and special management operations

> Support for advanced IP services, including routing, filtering, translation, QoS management, fragmentation/reassembly, statefull packet inspection and stream processing

> Congestion management and performance monitoring

> Load balancing management and failover detection for a real applications server farms



Interface card support

> up to 9 copper connections 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T (xE)

> up to 32 sync serial V.35/RS-530 (xW)

> up to 4 G.703 connections (xG)

> 2 anync serial and up to 8 USB interfaces


Synchronization Sources

> ITU-T G.703 external

> Line derived (V.35)

> Internal (FreeRun)


Operating Environment

> 0 C to 40 C (32 F to 104 F)

> 5% to 85% relative humidity, noncondensing

> 60 m (197 ft.) below sea level to 1,800 m

(5,905 ft.) above sea leve